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Just realized how much silly stuff I posted here.. .-.


Stills from “Solstice” teaser.
An animated project by Furyoso studio, aka Lynn Wang & Ed Skudder (from Dogsnack web-series)





Do you ever feel like you have to wage war against yourself to force yourself to get things done?

This comics essay is part of a book called Brick by Brick, which I am now raising money to self publish on Kickstarter! Please check out the link for more details!

WOW, I really needed to hear this.  Like, really.  Sometimes I make such elaborate schemes and charts and timers to motivate myself, but the same thing always happens.  

And the fact that I can’t imagine myself doing anything else in the world with my life other than art, but sometimes you want to just do to bed because you can’t bear to draw, and it makes you feel like a total asshole.  Especially when you see other people pumping out art like machines, and you think you’re the only person why feels like this.

But you’re not the only one, and you’re not an asshole.  Sometimes you just have to care for yourself more.

… I think I needed to hear this too.

This is kind of how I work.  I try to make it fun… and if I don’t feel like doing it that day and I feel like doing some fan art instead, I do that.  If I need to work on my portfolio, but I really feel like messing with zbrush, I let myself. Once i get it out of my system, I can concentrate again.

Don’t forget to give yourself recess.  And don’t let yourself feel guilty for doing something purely for the pleasure of it.

Turned one year old// Hello anniversary


that feeling you’re gone for a while then you feel like you’ve missed a lot

Wow, when was the last time I posted anything here? So much happened..and seems like I missed some birthdays to congratulate, some people to talk and..damn q_q

Thanks for watching…

5 a.m. @____@ it’s not actually good to live as owls( But…goodnight, no matter where you are :’3

Hand of laziness was here \o/ (I miss old game-playing days oddly enough :,|)

Perpetual hats generator ._.

D: :D D’:’s hard to post everything at all, some things may be hidden for forever (and ever) for some reasons X”)

Anyone out there have not bothered to look at how here I misbehave with posting works? (silence) Ok, continue \o\

Anyone out there have not bothered to look at how here I misbehave with posting works? (silence) Ok, continue \o\

Indipendent work from last studies days/ Several people compared it with Alice and I have to keep quiet, because I just took it out of my head without idea HOW. (some sort of art direction)