Nest of silly cat
aaand the last one (?)…


Hand of laziness was here \o/ (I miss old game-playing days oddly enough :,|)

Perpetual hats generator ._.


The Retake - Gobelins 

Catching cold

And it all repeated all day…forgot the last time when I was ill :/





Failed with timeline thing and editor lagged so hard fsdsfd did I say before how it is truly impossiboru for me to color normally something, no, I mean, EVERYTHING?…


Is it feels like that, because real tracing-paper doesn’t want to be friendly, or is it insomnia, or another burst of self-vision like my art will never improve, or like understanding how to draw anything, but skills-level-impossibility to make it argafs sorry, a big dumb is sad or…dunno…


Rough version looks much better, so… ._.

Listened that song and made this (spent good time with my family and friend of mine, what’s why I’m late)

Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and happy holidays everyone >u<


There was John animation by Dymasya…so, it was fun to remade it (turns out like uncontemplated animation collab work , heh)