Nest of silly cat

Hand of laziness was here \o/ (I miss old game-playing days oddly enough :,|)

Perpetual hats generator ._.


The Retake - Gobelins 


Failed with timeline thing and editor lagged so hard fsdsfd did I say before how it is truly impossiboru for me to color normally something, no, I mean, EVERYTHING?…


Is it feels like that, because real tracing-paper doesn’t want to be friendly, or is it insomnia, or another burst of self-vision like my art will never improve, or like understanding how to draw anything, but skills-level-impossibility to make it argafs sorry, a big dumb is sad or…dunno…

Listened that song and made this (spent good time with my family and friend of mine, what’s why I’m late)

Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and happy holidays everyone >u<


There was John animation by Dymasya…so, it was fun to remade it (turns out like uncontemplated animation collab work , heh)

Where you want to go is…

  …that way ;)


(colored in the same way as I did here)


Yeehaw, it’s my birthday!

I have a cake for ya :3 (and hope you get this present :O)